Piper Arrow II



The PA28R-200 comes from the PA28 family of Piper Aircraft.  The Arrow II is an all-metal, unpressurized, single-engine piston-powered airplane with low-mounted wings and tricycle landing gear.  The Arrow II is powered by a Lycoming fuel injected 360 cubic inch opposed four cylinder engine that produces 200hp.  This is the highest allowed hp before an aircraft falls into the ‘High Performance’ category.  The Arrow II is equipped with a constant speed propeller, retractable landing gear and adjustable flaps.  With these three components, the Arrow II is classified as a ‘Complex’ Aircraft.

Specific aircraft data and procedures can be found HERE (left click to view, right click to download PDF file).

In addition to the TAS Inc. Rental Policy, the Piper Arrow II has additional requirements for rental that can be found HERE (left click to view, right click to downloaD PDF file).


Rental Rate: $165/hr (cash/check)